Personal Branding Skills and Actions Identification

For assisting young adults developing their personal brand, partners will define the essential skills ts at will help adults towards this direction. Based on the skills, partners will develop a training material in the form of actions that young adults need to implement for developing and maintaining a successful personal brand.

CV Generator 

The CV generator will be an online tool, allowing users to emphasize their strong characteristics in a visually appealing CV. The tool will use a personalized approach, helping users to define their strong skills and then present them successfully in the labor market.

Guide on Personal Branding training

The guide aims to support career counselors/coaches in developing online activities for introducing personal brand in career management training. It will contain information about the most suitable online tools that can be used in personal branding training (e.g. personality tests) in combination with Web-Conferencing Tools and Virtual classrooms for group sessions or individual counseling. The CV generator will be also introduced in the Guide