2nd TPM in Thessaloniki

On April 8, 2022, the 2nd meeting of the project took place in Thessaloniki, Greece. The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the host organization, welcomed the consortium and planned a fruitful day for all of us. We started our day with a visit of the historic center of the city of Thessaloniki, and later we visited the facilities of the university where the meeting took place, which proved to be very useful for everyone. We discussed the next steps of the project, finalized the work done in the first 12 months, and we designed the main sectors of the CV Generator. At the same time, we discussed and resolved any problems that had arisen in the previous months.  We seek to build a useful tool for young people who are taking their first steps in the job market and want to create their own personal branding. We especially thank AUTH for the warm hospitality and look forward to the next meeting.  

Kick-off meeting

Partners met on the 15th of May and discussed in detail the aim and the objectives of the project. They defined each partner's role and discussed the first activity of the project, which refers to the creation of a questionnaire for identifying the essential skills for building a personal brand.
They also analyzed the dissemination activities of the project and the measures to ensure its quality.